Saturday, April 6, 2013

Expo Recap!

So the Bridge Run was today (race report to follow).

The expo was open Thursday and Friday.  I opted to go on Thursday because it is much less busy.  I also decided to volunteer at the packet pickup later in the day.  I went early on Thursday because I was trying to find some running shoes, but the selection was not that great so I decided to keep looking.

I picked up my number, my dad's number, and my brother-in-law's number first.
my bib

I then went and picked up the rest of the packet.

drawstring bag, USB with race info, restaurant coupon, Aleve, bib, and towel

The towel is going in my workout room on my bib wall!

I then lolly-gagged around the expo.  I went to the TrySports booth, but they only had Newtons which I have heard are great and the whole midfoot-strike thing, but I don't know if I am ready to go that radical yet.  I then looked at another booth, but I think I just need to go to the running store and have time, and not have to worry about keeping up with packets, ect.  I went and got some samples from Bi-Lo (having a big grocery store as a sponsor is great).  They also had Front Porch Ice Cream Samples which were really good.

I then volunteered at the expo.  I handed out packets.  They were already pre-stuffed with the towel, coupon, USB, and Aleve.  The runners handed us their bib, we got their t-shirt, and put it all in the packet.  The process worked really well and I was glad to volunteer in a race and still be able to run in it.
a box full of packets

I was slightly disappointed in the selection of the expo, but I had a good time and it was fun to be around so many other runners to share experiences.


  1. Good luck with your run, Madison! I am living vicariously through you since my stress fracture is not quite fully healed. Sooo jealous with this spectacular weather. And 8 minute miles? You are BAD.ASS.

    :) Dr. M

    1. Thanks. I hope your stress fracture heals soon so you can get back to running. I wish you the best of luck with your half-marathon goal!!!