Friday, June 28, 2013

Would You Rather #2 from Olive to Run

Would you rather #2 from Olive to Run.  Check her blog out!!! It is awesome.

Would you rather?

1. Never watch TV again or never run again?
Never watch TV again- don't get me wrong, I LOVE lots of TV shows, but I would take a run over a TV show any day.

Yes I would give up Swamp People.
And Bob and Jillian.
And Parks and Rec.
2. Run 100 mph or fly 10 mph?

I am not a huge fan of heights so I would have to say run 100 mph.

Doesn't Usain Bolt run 100 miles per hour? Or close to it?
3. Only be able to run and not walk or only be able to walk and not run?

Running all the time.  It would save a lot of time.

4. Have to give up running for a year with the promise that you will BQ (Boston Qualify) when you resume, or never be able to BQ but run as much as you want?

I would give up running for a year because I REALLY want to run Boston one day. #bucketlist

I don't think I will be lining up all the way up there though.
5. Be injury free and a slow runner or a fast runner with constant injuries?

I don't like taking time off so I would have to say be injury free and a slow runner- kind of like right now.

6. Be a barefoot runner or wear running shoes all the time (even to sleep)?

SHOES! I have lots of respect for barefoot runners, but I like shoes to protect my feet from snakes, bugs, glass, the outdoors, rocks.......

7. Hydrate during a run with mayonaise or wasabi?

Mayonaise.  I can't stand super spicy things- especially in the volume it would take to actually hydrate me.  I don't even like mayonaise though.
8. Run with your eyes closed or run with your ankles tied together?

Eyes closed.  I could have somebody guide me, but I am not sure how much running I would get done with my ankles tied together.

Read this: a runner led by a seeing eye dog in races.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away and Rambling

Will it ever stop raining?!  This is getting pretty ridiculous.  Everyday that I have wanted to go on a decent run I have been stopped by the rain!  Today I really wanted to get about an hour of running in, but I only did a mile because it was thundering and lightninging.  <---- That is a word.  I promise.  Good news: when you are running and trying not to get struck by lightning and/ or wet you run a LOT faster, even especially on an easy run.


Before anyone goes safety-conscious on the whole lightning thing, I did count between lightning and thunder before I left the house and it was 25 sec apart.  The recommended time is 30 seconds, according to Rob Fowler, so I thought I was ok.  More good news: I didn't even see lightning on my run!

I suppose I could have gotten on the elliptical when I got home, but I was hungry!!!  Speaking of which, I might start WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) soon, but today's eating was at the opposite end of anything I want to share, and my stomach can feel it now.  Think pizza, mac 'n cheese, soda.  I am pretty sure the only veggies I ate all day were pea puffs from Trader Joe's and I am pretty sure those have about the same nutritional value as a potato chip.  I feel super sluggish now.  Lesson learned: if you want to work out, you must eat nutritiously!

Enough ramblings from me: [runner] Texas Senator Wendy Davis can talk for 13 hours on the same topic!  Regardless of political opinion, that is impressive.  The Mizunos must have helped!

Nice Mizunos

Friday, June 21, 2013

Race-Day Essentials + Fitness Friday

I am doing a link-up with The Rushing Herd.  She asked What's in YOUR race bag?

I am also more of an over-preparer with the mentality better safe than sorry.  I am just going to tell you what is actually in my car when I go to the race.  I will spare you the details of what I bring for an away race.

1. Two Pairs of Running Shoes
I always bring an extra pair.  What if the sole of one of my shoes snaps in half when I put it on?

2. My Nike+ GPS Watch
I log my training on the Nike+ website so having a way to input the info is vital.  Some people swear by "running naked"- without technology, but this is the one piece I need.  If I want to run by effort, I just change the settings so I only see time elapsed or the time of day, but I always want to see my results AFTER my run!

3. Running Clothes- obviously
I prefer something looser (a singlet type tank) on top and something more fitted on the bottom (I usually wear spandex shorts or capris).  I got some Oiselle Rogas today and I am in love!  I kind of wanted to go for a run when I got them, but I couldn't.

4. Various Food
I like bringing some food and water/ Nuun to snack on before and after the race.  I usually pack an apple, some Nuun, and some pretzels or other starch.

5. Towel and Change of Clothes
I don't want to drive back in gross clothes! Enough said.

6. iPod (for longer races)
I only use my iPod on long runs and during longer races where I need some sort of distraction.  I have to wear it in an armband- I CANNOT carry it.  It drives me crazy.

7. Applesauce and other fuel for longer races.

8. Band-Aids in case blisters develop.  (Haven't had any problems with my new shoes!)

9. Extra Hair Stuff- ponytail holders and headbands.  I keep my hair simple on race day- high-ish ponytail and a hard plastic headband to keep the hair out of my face.

10. Hat and Sunglasses- I have a hat that I really like that I wear most races to keep the sun out of my face.  If it is really bright outside, I tote along my sunglasses that are obviously not made for running.  Any suggestions on some relatively inexpensive running sunglasses?

11. Hand Sanitizer- I am not really scared of germs, but it is nice to have after applying sunscreen and before driving back to not make your hands feel so gross.

12. RoadID

13. Extra Safety Pins- I don't want the race to run out.

14. Chacos- Got to have something comfy to put on after the race.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Did for National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I decided to post this tonight so I could give you a recap of what I did.  Today was great.  Having a holiday that honors my favorite pastime makes me feel like a celebrity.  It is great!

I had to complete the "I run..." today for a giveaway.  I had to think about that for a while.  There were a lot of answers: I run to relieve stress, I run to stay in shape, ect.  I couldn't decide on an answer so I thought about why I started running.  The first 5K I ran was the ALS HOPE Race which is a race that is put on by the MUSC Occupational and Physical Therapy to benefit the ALS Association.  ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's, is a disease that effects the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement.  My aunt was diagnosed with ALS so my family and I started doing these races to help raise money.  I eventually wanted to run the race so I started running.  Fast forward 6 years and I have run 2 half-marathons.  I would have never thought that would have happened.  I also run to remember my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer around the same time.  I run for my aunt and grandmother because they can't.

Anyway, on a cheerier note.  What did I do and win today?

I woke up and entered some giveaways.  I then went on a 4 mi run with some speed work in there.  I ran a 1 mile warmup, the 2x(.5 mi sprint, .25 mi recover, .25 mi sprint, .25 mi recover) and then a .5 mi cool down.  I then came home and entered some more giveaways.  

I won some Nuun (2 bottles- lemon-lime and fruit punch) and a pair of socks. 


Socks that don't give me blisters.  [Happy dance!]
I also bought a new shirt because I tried on some of my summer running clothes this week and they are yucky/ ill-fitting.

That is what I did on National Running Day.  What did you do?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Would you rather?

This is a series of "Would you rather?" questions that I found on Olive to Run and I thought they would be perfect so y'all could get to know me better as a runner.

1. Would you rather run a 5K or a marathon?

I have never run a marathon before, and I probably won't run one for at least two more years, but I prefer longer distances any day.  I am definitely not a natural runner, but I have had much more success increasing my endurance rather than my speed.  I would definitely pick a half-marathon, which I have run, over a 5K.
I would love to run a race in DC one day.
2. Would you rather run in the heat of summer or the icy winter?

I like the warm summer much more than the cold winter.  My success in fall races over spring races can attest to this because I despise training in the cold so I have a much more substantial training base from the summer than from the winter.

3. Would you rather have new running shoes or a new running outfit?

I would much rather have a new pair of running shoes.  I am pretty picky about my running clothes, but if absolutely necessary, I would go for a run in (gasp) a cotton t-shirt and plain old athletic shorts.  Shoes are what keep me safe from injury and I use the same pair over many runs in a row so I would prefer a new pair of shoes over running clothes.

My running shoes from oldest ---> newest.  There are a couple of  pairs missing.  I think they one of those pairs is in my car!? The ones on the right I only have 40 miles on, but I really like my new Brooks Launch shoes so far.

4. Would you rather run alone or in a group?

I would rather run alone.  My long runs can sometimes get lonely, but I like being able to move around the time and pace of runs (although it would help to have somebody to hold me accountable).  I do love the race atmosphere with a bajillion people around me though.

5. Would you rather run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly or someone who breathes heavy and grunts?

I would rather have someone talk to me.  I love talking, especially during long races.  During my first half marathon, I don't even remember 5 of the miles because I was talking to someone.

6. Would you rather run a race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?

I love me some swag, but ultimately if a race is convenient I am more likely to do it.  I would love to run some major half-marathons and eventually marathons (I love big races), but they are just so far away that it isn't realistic, however I am hoping to travel to go run the Princess Half-Marathon at Disney in February.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

7. Would you rather run a race with a group of friends or by yourself?

I would rather run it by myself.  I wouldn't mind sharing the race weekend with friends, but I want to run the actual race by myself.  I also would not mind running with a friend if they needed support (pacing, moral support, ect.), but I don't want to run a goal race with other people.

8. Would you rather run a PR but result in an injury or finish strong and miss a PR?

I would take finishing strong without a PR because there will be other races to run to get that PR, but I don't want to have to sit out of running for an extended period of time.

I would love to have had a PR that day, but I was sick so I didn't want to push it  (and I don't think I could have pushed it much more).
9. Would you rather eat a big meal the night before or a big meal after a race?

Big meal after a race.  I will eat a pretty good amount the night before a race, but I am careful not to eat too much so I don't run into GI problems (no pun intended).  After a race, I will eat EVERYTHING in sight.  On the way back from my last half-marathon, I just wanted to stop at every food establishment between the race and my house where my grandmother was making shrimp and grits.

10. Would you rather be chased by a swarm of bees or a pack of dogs?

I would rather be chased by a pack of dogs.  Big dogs, for the most part, don't scare me.  I have grown up with one so, unless unusually vicious, I would rather deal with dogs.  Bee stings are painful.  Enough said.

The dog on my left is ancient, but I love her to death.  I don't think she will be doing much chasing.  The one on the right will probably chase you, but won't attack you.