Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away and Rambling

Will it ever stop raining?!  This is getting pretty ridiculous.  Everyday that I have wanted to go on a decent run I have been stopped by the rain!  Today I really wanted to get about an hour of running in, but I only did a mile because it was thundering and lightninging.  <---- That is a word.  I promise.  Good news: when you are running and trying not to get struck by lightning and/ or wet you run a LOT faster, even especially on an easy run.


Before anyone goes safety-conscious on the whole lightning thing, I did count between lightning and thunder before I left the house and it was 25 sec apart.  The recommended time is 30 seconds, according to Rob Fowler, so I thought I was ok.  More good news: I didn't even see lightning on my run!

I suppose I could have gotten on the elliptical when I got home, but I was hungry!!!  Speaking of which, I might start WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) soon, but today's eating was at the opposite end of anything I want to share, and my stomach can feel it now.  Think pizza, mac 'n cheese, soda.  I am pretty sure the only veggies I ate all day were pea puffs from Trader Joe's and I am pretty sure those have about the same nutritional value as a potato chip.  I feel super sluggish now.  Lesson learned: if you want to work out, you must eat nutritiously!

Enough ramblings from me: [runner] Texas Senator Wendy Davis can talk for 13 hours on the same topic!  Regardless of political opinion, that is impressive.  The Mizunos must have helped!

Nice Mizunos


  1. I can totally relate girl, the constant rain has really put a damper on my "get outside and run" plans.....sigh....

  2. the rain has been a pain here too! my entire training schedule got mixed around thanks to it. bummer.

    also lovelovelove that davis wore pink mizuno's :)