Friday, June 21, 2013

Race-Day Essentials + Fitness Friday

I am doing a link-up with The Rushing Herd.  She asked What's in YOUR race bag?

I am also more of an over-preparer with the mentality better safe than sorry.  I am just going to tell you what is actually in my car when I go to the race.  I will spare you the details of what I bring for an away race.

1. Two Pairs of Running Shoes
I always bring an extra pair.  What if the sole of one of my shoes snaps in half when I put it on?

2. My Nike+ GPS Watch
I log my training on the Nike+ website so having a way to input the info is vital.  Some people swear by "running naked"- without technology, but this is the one piece I need.  If I want to run by effort, I just change the settings so I only see time elapsed or the time of day, but I always want to see my results AFTER my run!

3. Running Clothes- obviously
I prefer something looser (a singlet type tank) on top and something more fitted on the bottom (I usually wear spandex shorts or capris).  I got some Oiselle Rogas today and I am in love!  I kind of wanted to go for a run when I got them, but I couldn't.

4. Various Food
I like bringing some food and water/ Nuun to snack on before and after the race.  I usually pack an apple, some Nuun, and some pretzels or other starch.

5. Towel and Change of Clothes
I don't want to drive back in gross clothes! Enough said.

6. iPod (for longer races)
I only use my iPod on long runs and during longer races where I need some sort of distraction.  I have to wear it in an armband- I CANNOT carry it.  It drives me crazy.

7. Applesauce and other fuel for longer races.

8. Band-Aids in case blisters develop.  (Haven't had any problems with my new shoes!)

9. Extra Hair Stuff- ponytail holders and headbands.  I keep my hair simple on race day- high-ish ponytail and a hard plastic headband to keep the hair out of my face.

10. Hat and Sunglasses- I have a hat that I really like that I wear most races to keep the sun out of my face.  If it is really bright outside, I tote along my sunglasses that are obviously not made for running.  Any suggestions on some relatively inexpensive running sunglasses?

11. Hand Sanitizer- I am not really scared of germs, but it is nice to have after applying sunscreen and before driving back to not make your hands feel so gross.

12. RoadID

13. Extra Safety Pins- I don't want the race to run out.

14. Chacos- Got to have something comfy to put on after the race.


  1. Oh wow, you carry a lot to a race... I literally just take myself to 5Ks- no watch, usually no ipod, etc. If I travel I take some of the items you mentioned. Then again, my car houses a bunch of stuff just because I run so much... snacks, extra shirts, etc.

    I do always have safety pins though... there's a stash in the car. I get scared the race will run out of them or only give out two and the bib will flap, lol.

    1. I overpack for everything- vacations, ect. I definitely like to be prepared. I could live out of my car and purse for a week.

  2. I love this post! It makes me feel less OCD because I pack quite a bit before going to races. I have never thought to bring hand sanitizer though, that will definitely make the list for my upcoming race. P.S. I love CHACOS! Glad to have a fellow Chaco-ite runner to follow! Happy Running!

    1. Hand Sanitizer is definitely nice to have before driving home. And Chacos are the BOMB! My sisters introduced them to me and I love them especially on Sundays after my long runs.