Saturday, May 4, 2013

Run for Boston

So this week has been crazy, but good news for y'all: I have scheduled posts for this week! As in, they are in the little scheduler feature that Blogspot has!

On Sunday, April 21st, I did the Charleston Run for Boston.  It was an amazing event that was very uniting.  Runners from all over the tri-county area came out.  It all started with the organizer doing a group run with some of her friends, and it turned out to have (600-1000?) runners running it.  It was crazy awesome.  Of course I forgot to bring my phone to take pictures, but luckily some of the organizers of the Charleston Marathon were able to take some pictures.

The organizer talking to the runners before the race.

Runners finishing the race.  Most everybody that finished stayed at the finish line until every single person finished the run.

Runners cheering on finishers at the finish.

The course was a 5K, but I had an 8 mile run scheduled so I ran 4 miles right before the start, the race, and a mile after the race.  Great run!


  1. That's so cool that you did this, I did the one in Mt. Pleasant the next day because I didn't want to deal with a big crowd or going downtown (I live in CHS). It looked like a great run and it's been neat seeing so many of them here. Plus I recognize a bunch of people from the pics, hehe. Great job getting in four miles before the run too.

    Your blog is super cute :). I love the background!

    1. Thanks. Parking was kind of crazy, but what is better than a group run with hundreds of your closest runner friends! I really wanted to do the one on Monday too, but I had a meeting. On the bright side, I got to stop by TrySports before the Monday run started to get some new shoes!