Friday, May 10, 2013

Diva's Half-Marathon Recap

So I decided it is time to post this because all of the other bloggers have their race recaps up from last weekend, so I should finish mine from the 28th of April.

I ran the Diva's Half-Marathon in North Myrtle Beach.  I went up to Myrtle Beach on Saturday afternoon (the race was on Sunday).  Saturday I went to go get my packet at the expo.  The expo was mediocre.   It was well organized, but it was small.  I guess I am just spoiled by the Bridge Run expo in my hometown so other expos seem like a disappointment.  I got my packet, walked around for a few minutes, but then I left to go visit a couple of stores at the outlets and then go get some pasta.

So they had a bit of a shirt problem.  The shirts were supposed to be women's sizes, but they ended up being more like kids sizes.  I got a small because I was worried about how small the women's sizes would be, and it barely covers my belly button and it is quite tight.  Luckily, they had a system to get the shirts replaced and I should be getting mine in a few weeks.
My bib.

I woke up race morning late so we rushed to the start line (not a good way to start a race morning).  I did not have time to stretch so I felt that at mile 4.  The entire race was tight which I think was primarily because of me forgetting the night before, and then not having enough time race morning.  I learned that stretching during a race takes up a lot of valuable minutes.  No good.  I also woke up not feeling much better from the nasty cold I had been suffering all week.  I tried to keep a positive attitude on race morning, but between being late and sick, I wasn't expecting much out of the race.

Miles 1-6 were okay.  It was just running.  Nothing too exciting.  The course wasn't too exciting and I knew I had a long race ahead of me.

Miles 7-9 were where things got tough.  I really felt the effects of not properly stretching and I also had some nutrition issues.

Mile 10 was rough.  I was definitely starting to get sore.  That was not good.  I also became extremely unmotivated and was just searching for my parents just to get some sort of motivation.  I definitely started to feel the effects of being sick- I could barely breath through my nose and my energy was zapped.  I think I need to work on my nutrition strategy some too.  Any suggestions?
I don't really remember where that was, but I am pretty sure that was a fake smile.

Miles 11-13 felt sooooo long.  There was nothing I could seem to do to make them go by faster.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I finished in 2:18:56.  I was disappointed in my time after spending so much time and effort to prepare for it only to be sick on race day, but at the end of the day I am still proud that I finished my second half-marathon.  I have a lot of races ahead of me.  I am super excited about Kiawah.  

Overall, I would recommend this race to someone who lives close and just wants to do a run on a flat and fast course, but there wasn't really anything too exciting.  One thing that I loved about this race was the enthusiastic spectators.  There were a lot of people with really funny signs that made me laugh even through my mile 10 crash.  One thing that I didn't like so much is that the 5K runners and walkers shared the course for part of it, and at the time I was hitting the part of the course that we shared, there were a lot of 5K walkers and half-marathon runners in a relatively small area.

I better go to sleep so I can wake up to run a 5K tomorrow.  I don't really have any expectations for it.  It is mostly just a race to gauge where my current 5K time is to set a goal for the fall, but I do love races- big and small, long and short.  They are what keeps me running- even the ones that I didn't do well in give me motivation to do better in the next race.

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  1. Without knowing much about your nutrition, I can't give advice... but being further from home and travelling can definitely impact it, eating different places and restaurants (never know how it will be) and of course staying in a hotel, etc. I'd definitely down a gel or something in a half though- I always do :).

    It sounds like you had a fun time at the race :). I haven't done it but I had a lot of friends who did, they all had the same tshirt issue so hopefully they get that replaced soon.

  2. Madison,

    I really enjoyed your blog and I wanted to email you but didn't find a link. I started a company in 2006 called Gracie's Gear ( where we sold sports bra's and tanks to women with a patented zipper pouch. In 2008 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and a few months following, my daughter developed an infection in her eye.
    Long story short, I was thrilled to come across your blog. I wanted to in-turn, share something I'm doing right now.

    I'm on Kickstarter trying to kickstart my company. My fight with cancer leaded me to shut my company down. But with the help of friends, fans, and family I'm trying to make a comeback.

    I hope you enjoy our video and maybe feel compelled to share.

    Thanks Madison! Take Care,


  3. Super congrats to you for finishing your second half marathon!! You rock!! AND that time is nothing to be disappointed about!! :)
    Thanks for linking up on the Race Recap Roundup! :)

    1. Thanks! Congratulations on finishing your Interpreting Education Program and good luck with the job-finding!

  4. Congrats on another half marathon done! Getting the distance done is always an accomplishment regardless of time :) As far as nutrition, what types of things do you typically eat the day before and morning of a race? Also, how do you fuel during a race?

    1. Day before varies, but it is normally cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner with some snacks in between. I stick to pretty bland foods. The morning of I eat some dry cereal, fruit and a little bit of peanut butter. During the race is a mess. I have been trying to find a carb that my stomach can handle. I can tolerate applesauce, dried fruit, and some gummies, but I can't tolerate Gatorade, at least without it being diluted because it is too sweet. Gels have been suggested to me, but I have also heard things about weird consistencies which I don't know if I would be able to handle. Do you have a favorite gel or race fuel?