Monday, May 6, 2013

Upcoming Races

This weekend I am going to run a 5K to try to get a base time for my goal 5K in the fall.   I have not run a 5K in a year and a half so I really need an idea of how fast I can run a 5K.  I am hoping to run a fast 5K in the fall to improve my speed (in hopes of a sub 2:00 half).  I have no idea where to even start with speed-work, but thankfully I am a subscriber to Runner's World.

My summer training plans are to keep my running going (especially building a good long-run base), and to complete lots of cross-training in the pool to try and beat the heat!
My fall training plans are to train for my sub 2:00 half-marathon finish.  I will be attempting speed-work (ugh) and of course- lots of miles (yea)!

This fall I am going to attempt to run a speedy 5K.  I have been focusing on distance for a long time, and I am excited to see how fast I can run when I actually train for speed.

I am officially registered for the Kiawah Half-Marathon in December.  I am super excited about this because I am sure that the seven months I have to train for this are going to go well and I will finally have a sub 2:00 finish!

Race recap tomorrow for the Diva's Half-Marathon in Myrtle Beach!

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  1. I'm running a 5K on Saturday as well :). Running through the summer will really help you with getting faster in the Fall as well, my Fall times are always way faster. And if you want people to do your long runs with let me know, I have a big group I go out with on Saturday mornings and we like newcomers. I bet you can go sub-2 at Kiawah bc it's a nice course, cool outside, and you have quite awhile to train. Plus increasing distance then doing speedwork will build you to a fast 5K, you got this :)