Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals

I literally just wrote July 32nd on something, then realized that didn't exist and it was AUGUST (one of my favoritest months)!!!  So, a goal setting post for YOU (and me) was necessary.

In the January issue of Runner's World, there was a resolution guide, but it was unique.  It gave you goals each month to help improve your overall running.  Much more manageable than the goal of "getting better this year."  After all, goals should be SMART:

Okay, I will stop boring you now.  I just had to put a little bit of geeky-ness in there.  But for real, you shouldn't set a super broad goal without setting smaller steps in there.

Anyway, I have kind of forgotten about it, but I saw that another blogger was doing some August goals, so I decided to dig out the old Runner's World (well the website actually), and commit to the August goal.

The broad goal of August, as defined by Runner's World, is "Rediscover your Mojo."  They must really be geniuses because this was just what I was needing!

No, I need to rediscover it.
There are five specific parts to the August goal of rediscovering your mojo:

Head for the trails, where the shade will often be more plentiful than it is on a road. Plus, technical trails require concentration, which means you’ll be mentally engaged with your footing—not with the heat or your remaining mileage.  We have some trails around here, but not too many.  Maybe I will try the beach too? It kind of defeats the purpose of the shade, but I could do it early morning.

2. Schedule the workouts you like to do: If you really like hill repeats or despise tempo runs, run accordingly. “It may not be perfect physiologically,” says Leivers, “but if it’s a workout you’re excited for, you’re more likely to actually do it.”
I start official half-marathon training the third week of August, but I will try to do some fun things between now and then.  I really like hill repeats.  They are hard, but I like them (I have no clue why).  I also really like tempo runs because I feel legit.  I mean I get to run fast.  Who doesn't like that? I am not a huge fan of long runs, but I am beginning to like them more (which is a good thing because they are pretty important to a half-marathon buildup).  Spoiler alert: September's goal is mastering the long run, so I am pretty excited about that.  Why haven't I been doing these goals the whole year?

The only hill in Charleston.  Well pretty much the only one.
3. Revisit—or set new—both short- and long-term goals. “Give yourself four-week, three-month, and six-month goals,” says Baker. “Once your goals are out of your head and on paper, they are closer to happening.” 
4-Week Goal: Be consistent in half training.  I want to only have missed two runs for the scheduled runs of the month.  Unless something terrible happens, then I will adjust.

Three-Month Goal: By November 1st, I want to have blogged twice a week every week.  I know, not really running related, but it will keep me reliable for my training.

Six-Month Goal: Sub-2:00 half marathon.  That is technically a 4.5 month goal because I want it to happen by the end of the year at Kiawah.  And if it doesn't happen then, you can bet I will be signing up for the Charleston 1/2 Marathon in January.  But only as a last resort.  I have heard the course isn't that great.

Well actually 1:59:99
4. Sign up for a short-for-you race—could be a 5-K, could be a trail half-marathon. “The immediate satisfaction you feel from crossing a finish line can kick-start the rest of your training,” says Underhill.
I am running the ALS HOPE Race 5K in September so kind of delayed, but it will be fun and it is for a great cause.  Check out runs for ALS in your area.  They are for an AWESOME CAUSE!

5. Finally, if you’re on the should-I-go fence, mentally fast forward to later that day. “I always know I’ll feel worse if I haven’t run,” says Jessica Hofheimer, a running coach and Pilates instructor in Reston, Virginia. “I’ll be disappointed in myself, so it’s worth it just to try. Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of being done with a run.” 
I probably should go.

It's cute.


  1. I really liked the Charleston half marathon. There were lots of complaints from others but I honestly thought the course was fine *shrugs*. It's a flat race which is really good and it's close to home. I feel like it gets a bad reputation sometimes.

    Good luck with your goals and mastering the long run. I'm becoming quite an expert at that lately, hehe.

    1. I might do it then since it is close. Or at least the 5K. Thanks, sometimes you only hear the negative things about events because people forget to talk about the good.

  2. Love this idea!! Great goals, too!

    1. I agree,'s crazy how fast this month has flown by!

    2. Thanks. We will see how it goes.

  3. It's great that you're so organized with short and long term goals! It will be fun to look back to see how far you've come!

  4. Great goals, Madison! I also love hillwork - there's something about conquering the hills that's oh so satisfying :)

  5. These are great reminders! Also, I love no. 1. I don't even have to wear sunglasses when I trail run around here. The leaves are my sun protection, but I am nervous about the summer increase in spider and snake populations -- that's starting to make the beach running sound like a great option!:) Good luck with your half!

  6. I love your goals! sub 2 half! That's fantastic :) Keep blogging, we'll be here cheering you on!