Saturday, November 30, 2013

Random Finds

1. Foam Rolling 101- this is the basics of what you should be foam rolling.  I have had a foam roller forever (made one here), but haven't been using it to its fullest potential.  But now I am (a few tight runs later).

2.  Plantar Warts* A plantar wart may look like a little bump with a pinhole through it.  Mine was little bitty and it felt like I had an embedded splinter in my foot.  PSA: it doesn't have to look like your typical wart (cauliflower pattern).  Your foot callusing (runners- I am talking to you)- might just cover it up.  I went to the doctor because I thought I had something stuck in my foot.  I waited for 30 minutes only for my doctor tell me it was a wart after a 3 second look at it.  Awkward taco moment.

Also, under no circumstances should you ever look up plantar warts on google images, that was gross. And, I learned that my foot problems do not compare to others'.

3.  French Fry Holder.  Only in America.  Only at KMart.

4. Knitting and Running
Somebody knitted a scarf and ran a marathon here.  Crazy.

5. I ate McDonalds after a Thanksgiving feast.  My sister and I ate Thanksgiving as lunch, got hungry at 9 pm before going black friday shopping at 10.  Nothing was open except McDonalds.  Bad decision.  My stomach was not happy during all the shopping (even though I only had a snack wrap- although my sister's decision to eat a cheeseburger was probably more painful).  Also trying on clothes after a Thanksgiving meal is difficult.  I definitely had a food baby.

*I am not a medical professional.  I am not responsible for your foot problems.  This is just based on my experiences.

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