Saturday, September 28, 2013

They call it pacing for a reason. (ALS HOPE Race Recap)

You know how your gym teacher always told you not to sprint the first lap, to save some for the end? Well, as a distance runner, you would think I would listen to this theory.  I listen to this theory (law) during longer races, but on Saturday I decided on the following plan: hold onto the fastest pace I can possibly go from the start.  That didn't work.  It resulted in the opposite of negative splits.  Granted, this was not a goal race by any stretch of the imagination.  It was a race for a cause I support, but it was still disappointing because you would think I would know better.

7:30 am: I woke up on my own (no alarm clock).
8:00 am: Breakfast: Banana Muffins (and not the healthy kind)- Breakfast of Champions, I know.
9:00 am: I attempted to study, but I fell asleep instead.
1:00 pm: I woke up and I was very hungry.  I was also surprised that I slept for 4 hours.  I ate the lunch of apples and Macaroni and Cheese.  The Kraft kind.  I know, my nutrition choices were not great.
2:00 pm: I sat around and took another nap.  Man I was tired!!!! That is what no sleep during the week will do to you.  I need to work on that.
4:00 pm: I woke up for the third time in one day and got dressed for the race.
5:00 pm: Left for the race.
6:00 pm: "Gun goes off." Really: a guy in a lawn chair says "Ready, Set, Go!"
6:01 pm: I have the genius idea of sprinting.
6:07 pm: My idea fails.  I am getting tired, but I am still below an 8' mile pace.
6:15 pm: Oh no.  Worst 5K ever.  My stomach is upset.  My legs are burning from the sand.
6:15-6:31 pm: Run/ Walking/ Hobbling to the finish.  No good.

I finally finished in 31:00ish.  I was super disappointed with my time, but not every race can be a good one and I did absolutely nothing to prepare for this race specifically and it was just an off day.  I am still super proud that I went and supported a great cause (ALS support) and I had a blast doing it (except for during the actual race).

On the bright side, I still got first place in my age group (this was a super tiny race)!  I now have a brand new shiny medal (on sparkly ribbon) to add to my collection!

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  1. Great race recap! Sorry it wasn't your best race, but 1st place in your age group is awesome!! :) Congrats!! :) Thanks for linking up your race recap! :)