Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi there! Runner's World Run Streak

Yes, I am still here.  Yes, I have been running (kind of).  No, I have not been blogging! I am back though!

Anyway, more on my first ever running streak!  Officially, I completed 35 days because I couldn't run until July 4th (I had to go out of town on June 30), but I ran every single day!!!! I took the week out of town as a rest week, and boy were my legs ready.  My brain was very confused when it did not have to find time to run on July 1st!  I ran every single day of June! Crazy!  I went into the streak knowing that I would not be able to finish it the last few days, but I am still very happy with my results!  It was definitely the motivation I needed to run frequently, even during the hot summer months.  I will absolutely do this again, especially if there is a race I need to rebound from, whether it be a race that didn't go so well (I am looking at you Diva's Half Marathon) or if I just need some motivation to keep running after my goal races.

How I felt some days!

Did I think it drastically improved my training? / Do I think I should do this more often?
Not exactly.  While I was running everyday, some of my runs got replaced with one-milers just because I was tired- so my mileage was kept about the same, it was just spread out over the week with no rest days.  I am glad I did this, however, because I am going to follow the Hanson's Half-Marathon plan so upping the number of days running was useful.

I should be making Olympic teams in no time!


  1. Good luck following the Hansen's plan! I looked at that when I was looking at marathon plans and it was a bit scary to me, it was a ton of running back to back, fast running too. I just wasn't comfortable with it for a full. But, it would probably work pretty well for a half marathon.

    I didn't do the streak for the reasons you described- I figured my mileage would end up a lot shorter, and it just didn't fit with my training goals to do that. But it's still amazing you ran that many days straight! Congrats on finishing it!

    Amy Lauren

    1. Thanks! The running streak would never work for me during a regular training cycle though! I completely agree on that! As far as the Hanson's plan, we will see how it goes. It will be an adventure for sure.